​last Friday, Covenant university suspended over 200 students 3 days before their final exams. Now while the school is known for its strict values the reasons for majority of this suspensions is the possession of a SIM CARD. You heard me right SIM CARD. Now while being suspended for having a sim card is a norm in the school the reason this is particularly hurtful is because I am a 300l student and this whole this is a money-making ploy. Let me explain. So, let’s start this off at the beginning. I along with many others were caught on the 5th week of school. School authorized personnel came to our halls at night and ransacked our things looking for phones. Now let me tell you the truth, Everybody I mean everybody in CU has a sim card somewhere. Mainly because the school’s internet facilities is horrible. As of right now only one male hall of residence(Daniel) has WIFI capabilities in the 12th week of school despite us paying upwards of N700000 in school fees this past year. So, let’s not make it seem like we are some disobedient children because you don’t collect so much money from peoples parents a year and then don’t deliver on what is stipulated. So, we were caught having sim cards in our CU tabs (oh yeah, the cu tabs, you see a year or so ago the school thought it was a bright idea to force students and their parents into purchasing uniform devices for everybody’s use. They purchased the low-end devices from Samsung put in some stupid features and paid a group of retarded graduates to code it and render the sim card outlet useless. Now firstly, for a school known for its stupid rule of not allowing phones or sims and anything of its likes you would think the first rule would be to not get a device with sim cards outlets at all like ipad’s or ipod’s but not for these dimwits. But they did and then gave it to some of their esteemed computer science graduates who probably learned coding from a chalkboard to remove the sim capabilities. Of course, these morons made a hash of it and made it such that all their coding could be undone by a simple reset. Nice work) now that that’s out of the way. We were caught. The punishment for this is four weeks’ suspension. I made my peace with this and two weeks later I was summoned to face the student disciplinary council. You would think after facing SDC on the 6th week we would have been suspended at least by the 7th or 8th week and you would be back for exams but no the school didn’t do anything till the Friday before exam. The school waited till the Friday before exams to dish out punishment so you are guaranteed another year of paying their fees. I saw someone’s mother begging the dean and I know that one is a heartless person so nothing would come out of it.

Sticking to their lies they said the suspension started on the 4th of this month whereas it was just Friday the 11th it began. Yes, so I a 300L student will spill over to the next academic year not because of my grades. Not because of drugs, immorality, pornography, exam malpractice or spiritual conduct or fighting, none of those things but because I owned something that all of them in the school: Staff, and owner and every person in the fucking world have- A SIM. In the information age and internet of things era with network operators moving into the 4G landscape we in school are confined to using some of the shittiest wifi services in the world. And these people want to be in the top 10 universities in the world LOL . Lest I forget the webometric ranking in which the school were first in sometime ago is just a ranking of the most visited university sites in Nigeria and the only reason we were first is because when you login to CU’s internet it redirects you there automatically increasing their traffic so don’t be fooled the school isn’t top at anything. At least if I went to federal school I would get what I paid for. I’m in disbelief writing this also because on that same night I was caught some guys who were caught with phones and they were sent home that day,  guess using a phone is better than using a freaking SIM CARD.