Among the revelations about the show that is due to start filming its main cast in two months? It’s set 10 years before Captain Kirk in the “prime” universe, i.e. the original series, not the current set of films. “We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the Enterprise and the original series and really help us redefine the visual style of Star Trek,” Fuller said.

The setting also provides for an interesting mix of crew, with the biggest news being that the show has a female lead, but that she will not be the ship’s captain, allowing for a different perspective on life on board the vessel and elsewhere. “We’re going to deep into something that was for me always very tantalizing and to tell that story through a character who is on a journey that is going to teach her how to get along with others in the galaxy,” Fuller explained. “For her to truly understand something that is alien, she has to first understand herself.” The character is apparently a Lieutenant Commander, but with, Fuller teased, “caveats.” He didn’t expand on what that means, and he says they have yet to cast that role.