We’re picking up a scent of “Bad Blood,” but this time it’s coming out of a perfume bottle.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ‘s rumored feud, which began when the “Style” songstress claimed that an unnamed pop star (believed to be Perry) stole dancers from her tour, might have reached a new level thanks to Katy’s new perfume. Called Mad Love, the new perfume has people believing that it’s a direct reference to T. Swift’s “Bad Blood” because of the same wording.

“You know it used to be mad love,” Taylor sang in the song also rumored to be about her ongoing feud with the “Roar” singer.

Mad Love is meant to be a spinoff of Katy’s 2015 scent, Mad Potion, so it’s entirely possible that it’s just a coincidence. Taylor, 26, opened up about the feud to Rolling Stone in 2014 when she called out an anonymous artist for trying to sabotage her and her tour.