Let’s see what kanye does and we don’t see.

“I’ve been employed by a lot of high-end people but I’ve never worked for someone like him. He’s ten times worse than what you see. Says the bodyguard.

Steve Stanulis — explained: “I was told, ‘Patterns distract him’.”

“I had to look after his toddler daughter once and it was so much easier than babysitting the father

Kanye appeared on a US chat show on Thursday and declared: “I have ideas that can make the human race’s existence within our 100 years better. Period.” (really?)

“On the first day i was employed we headed to his music studio. When we got into the elevator Kanye just stood there with his arms folded and said, ‘Aren’t you going to press the button?

“I told him, ‘I have never been here, I don’t know which floor’.

“He flipped out, whining that his time was precious and that he couldn’t believe I hadn’t called ahead to find out which floor he worked on.

“I explained, ‘We have three options. You tell me the floor and I press the button, you press the button, or we stand here’. Eventually, he told me and I pressed the button. Kanye never, ever apologises.”

He also says his bodyguard should wear only black.
Then this new dude wore red sneakers and touched him when guiding him from the paparazzi  (his job by the way). Kanye turned back and snapped “don’t ever touch me again” within 2 hours I got a call he was fired.

“He got annoyed because I ‘got in his shot’ once when the paparazzi were taking pictures. He absolutely adores the attention,” Stanulis said.

“On another occasion when we were in the studio, he walked past a couple of his other bodyguards as they were chatting, then turned and demanded, ‘Can you two not talk when I walk by you’.” ( are u kidding me?)

“There were security men in the corridor who said the suite was occupied by a party of Italian dignitaries.

“Rather than apologising Kanye started yelling and screaming, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m Mr West!’ to which the guys looked blank and curtly replied, ‘No’. (That’s gotta burn)

“After an awkward few seconds, which felt like an eternity, Kanye let me guide him back the other way.”