WhatsApp has been very active throughout 2016 already, with updates and changes doing away with the yearly subscription fee, full end-to-end encryption and even some new emoji. While there are rumors of an upcoming update to bring video-calling to the platform, it appears as though WhatsApp has a lot more up their sleeve for the rest of the year, too. In this latest, incremental, update however, the messaging app has introduced something that not everyone is going to be happy about. For many this latest change might make WhatsApp Web less of a convenience, rather than more of one.

This new “feature” that has been added to the latest beta version, which appears to be 2.16.86 adds a semi-persistent notification to your notification tray telling you that “WhatsApp Web Client is currently active”. We say semi-persistent here because users are reporting that the notification does in fact go away, but only around the time that you stop using said web client. For many, this sort of thing is going to be annoying, but we’d assume that WhatsApp’s idea here was to increase security. We’ve all left a Facebook account logged in on someone else’s laptop or phone every now and then, and this sort of heads-up should prevent people doing the same on WhatsApp. So, for instance, let’s say you leave your WhatsApp account open on an office computer or on a laptop at your friend’s place, this will let you know the next time you use your phone that you’ve forgotten to log out, and let you kill the connection from your phone.

It doesn’t appear as though there are any settings that let you change or tweak this sort of behavior, but for those that never use WhatsApp Web, they’ll never notice anything has been changed in the first place. If you haven’t noticed this sort of behavior on your version of WhatsApp, you might be running the normal version of the app, or your beta version might not have been updated just yet.