Online shopping is taking a huge step forward thanks to Myer and eBay.

ONE of Australia’s most iconic retail giants has teamed up with the country’s largest marketplace to revolutionise the online shopping experience.

In what has been 12 months in the works, Myer and eBay are leading retail innovation by creating the world’s first virtual reality department store.

The concept is surprisingly simple with users requiring a VR headset, an iOS or Android device and the ‘eBay Virtual Reality Department Store’ app.


Once launched, the user chooses the departments of interest they would like to browse and a custom virtual store is built to reflect the customer’s selections.
the app would connect to the existing range offered in Myer’s eBay product page.

“Currently there are over 12,000 products providing a good range of inventory. The entire product range, pricing and stock information will also be updated in real-time, which is a first for virtual reality experiences globally,”

While the product is still in its early stages, both Myer and eBay will be exploring customer feedback to see how they can improve the experience.

Future plans include the ability to virtually shop with your friends or the ability to enter your measurements to see how clothes would look on your body shape without having to physically try them on.